First bit of Freelance work and 9hrs of GTA do me in!

Been a weird 3 days, all over the place really, well, only because of my marathon GTA session last night, otherwise Friday and Saturday were alright, heh!

Friday was normal at the Orchard, packing Apples etc.  Then got a few things ready for the tasting day on Saturday, it was bloody cold again, but as I am now prepared it’s not getting to me!

Saturday came and off we went to make tea and coffee’s for everyone that turned up at the Orchard for tasting day.  Once a year the Orchard has a day when anyone can come along and sample the Apples we grow and also the Juice too.  And take a wander around the farm shop and purchase various bits of produce, including some gift baskets we’ve had done up for Christmas.

It was a good half a day with a fair amount of people coming through, but by mid afternoon it died and we hardly had anyone until closing time at 5pm.  Not that I was complaining, I had had enough of making tea’s by lunch time so it suited me fine!

Got home and watched some footy, wooo I love having Sky TV again! … and then started my marathon session on GTA on the Xbox .. was playing, and playing, Christina said good night as she was tired, ok I thought time for my bed too, and then … fuck, it’s 5am …. oops!

9 straight hours of playing GTA, that’s gotta be my record I think, well not just GTA, but a game in total … don’t think I managed a 9hr sesh when I used to play Mario World back in the 90’s for hours on end, but I don’t think I managed 9 in a row, heh!

Not that it’s a big achievement or nowt, but still can’t believe how the time went by.

Woke up at 9am feeling right as day, maybe I can live on 4 hrs sleep a night, hmmm.

Anyhoo, great news on the freelancing side of things, got my first piece of work done and dusted.  I had to record some audio of my voice for a foreign student learning English.  Kind of weird to begin with, but once I got going it was pretty easy.

Set myself up with some paragraphs to read from so I didn’t keep umming and arring thinking about something to say, twas a good idea as it kept the talking going.

I think it turned out alright, I’ll find out in the next few days from the client.

It may not be writing, but it’s a start to freelancing, and although I didn’t set out to record audio, I felt quit comfortably doing it, so it’s something I will add to my portfolio!

Onwards and upwards.


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