Fish and Chips followed by Sticky Chocolate Pudding

Dag Nammit I dislike working in the cold.  Whilst it’s not as cold working conditions as it was in Denmark last year when we were cutting Christmas Tree branches in -4 temperatures and whilst it was snowing too … it’s still bloody cold standing around grading Apples!

Glad to have the new smaller Peugeot back, and with heating too … it makes over taking slow drivers much easier on the motorway.  With the estate I had to think about the over taking about 5 minutes in advance and also press down on the accelerator 5 minutes before I actually got any speed out of it!  I’ve just got to keep an eye on the fuel gauge as I am sure the new Pug will use more Diesel!

Signed up a few Freelancing websites, see what the writing work situation is like. So far it seems to be a lot of website submission and blogging jobs, which is great from my point of view as I have a decent amount of experience in both.

Aaaah, just had myself home made Fish and Chips with Onions rings, followed by steamed sticky Chocolate pudding covered with cold custard, mmm mmmmmmmm!


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