Creating a better human being and creating a better me!

I like to watch a lot of Sci-Fi films, and films that make me think about the limitations of my human body, and lately I’ve come to think that I want to upgrade myself.

I want to be stronger and faster, and not get injured or get ill, I want to be able to fly too, is that too much to ask for?

Seeing as though I live in a place that enables me to forget about surviving and allows me to think about expanding myself, I see no reason not too.

I’ve been wondering what natural evolution brings to this and in fact, what is natural altogether?

Is natural evolution growing an extra limb or a spike or poison to protect yourself with?

Or is natural evolution gaining extra brain power that enables you to create a tool that you can use to better your chance of survival?

Is natural evolution responsible for the feeling that I want to be more than what my body or brain can do right now?

Surely it’s not wrong to want to be better?

Why would I want to be ill, to have a limit to what my body can fight off with regards to disease … surely I have the right to be disease free.

Surely I have the right to be stronger than I am now, to be faster than I am now?

Is it really unnatural to add things to your body or in your body to enable you to be disease free, or stronger or faster?

Who is to say that it’s not natural evolution that I create something like nano-bots that go into my body and change my DNA to enable me to be faster and stronger, and maybe even grow a set of wings.

Why would that be unnatural … how would we know that that wasn’t supposed to happen, that it wasn’t natural evolution?

I don’t see anything wrong with it myself, for sure something like this could be abused, but then that’s no reason to stop the majority of people enjoying the freedom of something simply because the minority abuse it.

Animals pretty much already do all of the things I want to be able to do anyway … the strongest or smartest animal of a species is generally the one that gets to spread it’s genes onto the next generation.  Meaning the next generation are stronger or smarter than the last, but for us humans we have the ability to side step that and actually change our current generation without the need for procreating.

I think the only thing that would be wrong with becoming stronger, faster, disease free etc, would be to do so at the expense of another human being and more importantly against their free will.

For instance holding someone against their will to do tests of strength increases or speed increases etc.  I am sure there are plenty of people in this world that would voluntarily put themselves forward for this kind of thing … I know I would, but I of course would want to know that there wasn’t any danger of me being killed, but then I do also want to know what is there after life, is their just energy, will I still have my conscious thoughts and be able to feel and see during death?  or do I just cease to exist and that’s it for my current DNA formation? … or perhaps I get to be re-born and to try it all again?

I’m not saying that I want to be a perfect being, but I wouldn’t mind trying it out for a while though!

I do think that perfection is only what you yourself make it to be … it could be a small, weak, disease ridden animal, or a big, strong, disease free animal .. or human being of course, or a flower or a piece of poop or anything you interpret to be perfect.

Ultimately though I don’t think perfection can be achieved, because surely if perfection is achieved then there is nothing more after this … and perhaps that is the answer, once perfection is achieved there is nothing more, and life starts again?

Regardless of all that, I just want to have the choice to be stronger, faster, disease free and to be able to fly amongst other things … and if I don’t like it, or I want to change back to my current self and abilities, than I want that choice too.

I don’t want too much, just to create a better human being, and a better me!


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