Sods Law likes me you know!

After me going on about how freezing cold I was yesterday it was of course inevitable that Sod would enact his Law upon me … I took in a hat and wore an extra pair of socks at work today, and of course it was a fair bit warmer than yesterday.

My feets were boiling most of the day, although I would rather have boiling hot feets than freezing cold feets so I mustn’t grumble.  But I’ll keep an extra pair of socks and me hat in the car in case Sod decides to get one over me again by making it cold without telling me!

More grading of Cox Apples today, and getting other Apples packed up into trays ready for the markets tomorrow.  I feel like I am finally getting an eye for the quality of the Cox Apples that are required for sale, although I must say that it’s taken nearly 6 weeks of grading to get here.  But that’s nothing compared to the 15-20yrs of grading that some of the people at the Orchard have!!

Got the Pug hatchback back from the garage this evening, with the heater now fixed, woo! … but have now been told that the bloody Cambelt might be on the way out, aaarrrggghhh, what is it with cars this year!?!

When we brought the Pug estate we didn’t have any problems with it for the first 3 yrs we owned it, but then this year we’ve spent close to £2000 on repairs for it, which made me decide to replace it.  Then I brought another 2nd hand car for less than £1000 which I wasn’t happy with so got rid of it within a week of owning it, then brought the small Pug we’ve now got and looks like I am going to have to fork out nearly £600 just to get it back into decent condition again.

Oh well, not one to whinge, just get on with it and replace the money some how … I’ll have to get my writing skills honed sharpish and get writing some articles I can sell.


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