Humans are not meant to live in the cold!

Got up today and realised that the weather forcast was right for a change … it was bloody cold!

Had to take the new pug into the garage to get the heater sorted out, good job too as it was minus 2 this morning according to the temp gauge.  Used the pug estate to get to work, chugged a fair bit when I started it up, but not too worried as it’s only got to last until we get the hatchback pug back tomorrow, hopefully!

Got to work and realised I had forgotten my hat, so had a freezing head all day, and at times my fingers felt like they were going to fall off too as I only have fingerless gloves at the moment.  The barn we pack the Apples in obviously doesn’t have any heating and at times the Apples actually felt warmer than the air, it was that cold.  And I realised that I need to get some warmer boots too as I couldn’t feel my toes at times today either.

God I love working at an Apple Orchard!!

So, tomorrow a hat and a thicker pair of socks will be on me thinks, not that I’m a wimp or nothing, I just like to be warm tis all.

I’ve come to the realisation that humans are not meant to live in the cold, well at least not me anyway … if I could I would live in a hot country, still working at an Apple Orchard mind, but just somewhere that doesn’t get so cold in the winter months … anyone got any ideas??

Got home and had me some dinner and am now sat watching United play Spurs in the Carling Cup thanks to my mobile dongle, what an exciting life I lead!

Got my confirmation of acceptance to the Journalism course I have signed up to, just got to wait until the 14th Dec for the first part of the course to arrive via email, oooh I’m excited.


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