Found something I am passionate about, now to make some money!

So, I’ve been thinking the last few days of ways to make a 2nd income, and also one that will continue to bring in some income even when I am not actually working on it.

And somehow I came to thinking about writing!

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and writing longish type articles etc.  I’m a regular on several internet forums, varying from the normal main stream forums to the way out there alternative/conspiracy type forums too … I like to keep things balanced you see! ;o)

Anyway, somehow I got onto a freelancing website, and one about writing too.  I got round to reading a few articles and starting to seriously consider writing as a way of creating a 2nd income.  I then came across an online course that seemed worth investing in and so I signed up for it … not one for thinking on things too much me you see, if I see something worth doing, I go do it and think about it later!

So I am now officially enrolled on a course which could lead to a Diploma in Professional Freelance Journalism.  The course is with the British College of Journalism and seems very competent and worth the money they are asking for it, so I thought that now was better than ever to sign up and go for it.

I’m a bit anxious to be honest as its something serious that I am aiming for, and not at all like me (if you know me you’ll know that I don’t take myself that seriously, not like I used to, I’ve finally realised life’s far too short!) … but it’s something that has created some real excitement inside of me, something that I am really feeling passionate about (along side Football and Local Food!) and something I can really see being able to be used to create a 2nd income.

So, we’ll see how it goes and what comes from it, I’ve got nothing to lose at the end of the day, apart from money and time, but I can always get more money from somewhere and the time will be well spent learning about something new!

Hopefully if I don’t get anything else out of the course, I will at least be able to improve my writing skills (duh!) and people will be able to understand my blog and forum postings better, heh!


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