New Home, new beginnings!

Wow, time certainly flies.  Over a month since I last posted anything on the blog, it’s been a busy month sorting out the house move etc.

Finally in our new house — heating, running water, constant electric, aaaahhh, OK it means we now have bills to pay, but well worth it for the comfort it’ll bring over winter!

So nice to have our things out everywhere instead of cooped up in boxes etc.  Finally got the pc out of storage and it’s now up and running in the spare room, meaning I can now have somewhere proper to work from when I get something going online.

Which I’ll need to do if we are to continue living in a house, although our work wages will cover a house etc, it won’t cover this one as we miss-calculated our finances taking into account we get Working Tax Credits, which are disappearing next year, so we’ll have to move again in 6 months to somewhere cheaper or have an extra income coming in, we’ll see, nothing to be concerned about right now though.

We had last week off to get moved into the house properly, didn’t have any furniture so trolled round the charity and 2nd hand shops around the area and managed to get everything we needed bar 2 bits, which was good.  Nice to be able to buy 2nd hand stuff knowing that it’s being recycled rather than paying for something brand new!

Been busy at the Orchard, grading and packing Apples as always at this time of year, first day back at work yesterday for a week though, and it took most of the day to get back into the swing of things.

Last week we had Apple Day at the orchard, whereby they show off all the Apple varieties available from the Orchard, the main ones and the Apples that we only have 1 or 2 trees of, which most people have never heard of (me included!) – I think we had about 40-45 varieties on display! … we also put up a few stands for the kids to play about with Apples on, a food stand with local meat for sale and burgers etc too, and a few other stands too, just a small day out for people interested in Apples – it was great to see all the varieties we grow at the Orchard though, still just a small tip of the iceberg of the amount of Apples actually grown in the UK though!!

Apples on Apple Day
Apples on Apple Day
Somerset Golden Knob Apple!
Somerset Golden Knob Apple!
Christmas Pippin Apple a new variety being trialed at the Orchard, hopefully available for sale in a few years!
Christmas Pippin Apple a new variety being trialed at the Orchard, hopefully available for sale in a few years!

I expect things will start to get really busy soon as everyone will be ordering stuff for Christmas, which is good, as it means it’ll come really quickly and we’ll be off on Holiday sooner rather than later!

Got a day off again today though, supposed to be having SKY installed so I can watch some live footy, but there is some wires missing that the landlords didn’t have installed so they couldn’t put it in today ( not their fault, the guy who put the communal dish in hadn’t connected it properly), so I get to bum around for rest of the afternoon as there’s no point going in to work for a few hours … well that’s my reasoning anyway!!

Can’t say I’ve missed the house cleaning that goes with living in a house again, but it’s one of those things I spose, well until we can make robots to do it all for us, aaahh that’ll be the day!


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