Oh what a lovely Pear!

Today started of chilly, the coldest it’s been for a long time, well, this autumn any way, heh!

Don’t think the sun came out much today, looks like the nasty weather that has been predicted could be on the way.

Started off picking Pears this morning, and picked em till gone lunch, then picked a few trays of Russet Apples, and then cleaned some of the lovely Squashes that are piled up.

A nice Friday I think, nothing too strenuous which was good as I’m not completely over this bloody cold, couldn’t stop sneezing today, oh well, some more Echinacea for the next few days should help see it off!

Aaaah, another weekend is here again, only another 3 more weekends to go until we get to leave this cold and damp caravan, woooo!

Been thinking about ways of making an income online once we move into the house, and I’m thinking that I might put my knowledge of health and fitness down onto the poota and see what happens with that, seeing as though I’ve got some decent experience with exercise and fitness and also with alternative therapies I might as well make use of the knowledge I’ve gained and see if I can create an online blog or something.

Maybe just create something that shows my writing skills, then freelance myself out to people who need articles written etc, we’ll see, that and a few other ideas are running around my head tonight, but I definitely need to brush up on my grammar and punctuation, two things which have never been top of my list.

But if I want to write professionally then it’s something I need to do.

Been reading a number of blogs about writing professionally and creating/maintaining a professional blog too, and there are some interesting things to learn about, lots for me to read and learn over the next few weeks whilst I wait for the moving in day to arrive, at least the time should fly by!


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