Squash are no more!

Today started off nice and warm, no wind and no dew on the ground, lovely!

Huzzar the Squash are no more … picked the last of the remaining Squash up until lunch time, lots of em there were too!

There were a few oddities amongst the main varieties, a stray seed or two were more than likely the culprits, but it was kool to see the strange shapes and colours though.

Cleaned them up this afternoon, and got a few trays worth ready for market tomorrow, collected a few bins of Pears that the pickers had collected, all amongst nice warm sunshine, and that was my day today!

Delivered the house application details to the landlord, who than left a message on me phone, and when I rang her back, she pretty much confirmed that the house was ours, woooo hoooo!

Going to see the house again next week, to get a few dimensions of some rooms, so we can start looking for furniture to put into the house, then it’s just a matter of wishing away the next 4 weeks, heh!

Man I can’t wait … after watching live footy again last night, I realised how much I have missed regular live footy, god damn I can’t wait!

Squash -  Squillions of them!


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