Picking Quince today and some free footy!

So today I picked Quince for most of the day, lots of them too –  then cut down the last of the Blackberry plants and tied up the new growth ready for next years fruits.

I love the smell of Quince – they smell so sweet and the shape is similar to Pears.  They have a furry coating on them which rubs off once they are really ripe, which to me makes me feel like I am rubbing off the skin!

We’ve got about a dozen or so tree’s around the orchard, so not that many but they certainly produce a large amount of crop!

Quince - Strange furry fruit!

I’m just about getting over this bloody cold I’ve had – although I had a niggly cough all day today which was making me gag at some points, but hey ho, it was footy night, wooo!

Got to watch some free footy on the TV tonight for the first time in ages, good match it was too.  Makes a big difference watching it on TV then trying to get a decent internet connection and trying to watch it on some random website!

Oh, and I also tried to deliver the completed application for the house to the landlords, but their road was closed off because of roadworks, and I couldn’t find any parking close by so decided I’ll post it to them instead, heh!


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