Picking Butternut Squash

Today started off damp and chilly again, but clear skies promised warmth throughout the day, only time would tell.

Picked a load of Butternut Squash for most of the day, and they were easier than normal to pick as the leaves on the plants have started to die off now so it makes it easier to see where the ripe Squash are!

There were still a lot of them that had green stripes on, which meant they were not quite ripe yet.  Should be about a week and they will all be ready hopefully, but then most people seem to be happy to buy with green stripes on anyway

Once I had picked a bins worth of them (350kg) I took them back to the yard and had to clean them up ready for the customers.  By this time it had got quite warm, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, which was great!.

There’s nothing better than working outdoors in the sunshine!

In the afternoon I picked Courgettes and Marrows, and then boxed up some of the Butternut Squash for a few orders.

Got all the necessary paper work for our house application now, just got to deliver it to the potential landlords tomorrow and wait for them to get back to us whether they are happy with the information, fingers crossed they will be, and then it’s just a matter of waiting for the end of October to arrive and we can then move in, whoop!


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