Bramleys lovely Bramleys

Had a good weekend, finally got a bank account opened after trying 2 different banks.  Good news as it means we can move forward with our application for the house, just got to remind the boss for our reference.  Aside from that had a nice relaxing weekend, although woke up Sunday with the beginnings of a cold, which I think I have caught from Dena — onto the Echinacea straight away, hopefully fend it off before it gets too bad — not that I am bothered, not been ill this year and as the last few years have gone I usually get a cold around this time of year, something about the change in seasons I think.

Today started off overcast but with sunshine every now and then, not too chilly really, and stayed the same throughout the day.

Picked Bramleys all day which was nice, as I like picking Bramleys simply because there sooo big!

And it meant that I didn’t have too much of a hard day energy wise so my body could take it easy and fight this cold – funny how in the mornings it’s worse, then it clears during the day time, then it gets worse again in the evenings, just when you want to relax!


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