Picking Courgettes, Marrows and Raspberries

Well, another weekend has been and gone, great weekend it was too! … United won in a great derby game, only just though! … and we confirmed with the owners of the house we looked at last week that we want to go ahead and put in the application to move in, wooo! … just got to open up a bank account now, and get a reference letter from my employer, as long as the owners are happy with that then we get to move in at the end of October, wooo!

Today was a chilly start to the day again, but the sky was clear and the sun soon warmed it up and it stayed sunny and warm for the rest of the day.

This morning I picked Courgettes and Marrows, and then for a little bit before lunch I picked Raspberries.  Then I had to do another delivery of Gem Squash to a customer and also collect some wood to fix up some broken Apple bins in the Orchard.

When I got back I then had to do another delivery of Plums to another customer and once done I finished work early to go to the bank and apply for a bank account and collect the application details from the house we want to rent, wicked!

Now that we have found somewhere to move into we cannot afford to go to the Tattoo Convention in London this coming weekend, which is a little gutting as I was looking forward to going and probably getting another Tattoo done, but getting a house is more important at the moment so I’ve put the tickets for sale up on eBay!!


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