Picking Courgettes, Marrows and Squash

Today was a nice clear sunny day, a little chilly again to start off, but it warmed up by lunch time.

Started off the day by picking Courgettes and Marrows ready for the markets tomorrow and on Saturday, then this afternoon I picked lots of Gem Squash for a customer, the same customer that ordered loads last week, obviously they like them a lot!!

Then I had to clean and box them all, which was a tad tedious but a part of the job never the less.

Went to view a house this evening, inside it had what we wanted, but it was a little small on the outside, too close to the neighbors with no front garden, and a tiny back garden, quite over looked by the surrounding houses, so it wasn’t for it.

But we’ve got another 2 houses to look at tomorrow, and there are another couple plus a few flats in today’s paper, so hopefully we’ll be able to find something from all of them and be moving into some luxury again soon, wooo!

Aaaaah, tomorrow is Friday, and the end of the work week, which has gone quite quickly yet again, which is great as it’s another day under our belt of experience gained in this job.  We’ve been here over 9 months now, and it has flown by!

The amount of work we’ve done since being here is amazing really, and so varied, we’ve worked with so many different vegs and fruits, we’ve grown some from seed, planted them out and harvested them all, a complete circle, great!


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