Today I has mostly been picking Apples and Squash

Today was really windy again, bit chilly to begin with, but once work got going I soon warmed up!

Started off this morning by finishing picking the Ribston Pippin Apples then after lunch I picked lots of Squash, Onion, Red Kaboche, Little Lighting and Delicate Squash, all shapes and sizes!

Made a delivery of a pallet load of Damsons to a customer first thing after lunch, then this afternoon I had to clean up all the Squash, getting rid of all the mud etc ready to be sold to our customers.

Changed the battery in the new car, as the one the garage had put in there was too small for the compartment it sits in, and more than likely would move around when the car was being driven, but it’s not sorted well, kind of, even the new one is slightly smaller than the compartment it sits in, so I’m still going to have to tie it down with something.

Just waiting for the registration documents to arrive, then I can tax the car and take photo’s of it to sell on.

Wicked night of footy last night, well kind of wicked, United won which matters most, not a great performance but a win is a win.

Went to the cinema tonight to watch a new movie called Gamer, which was really cool, my kind of movie definitely .. and it’s one that you can see happening in the real world sometime in the not too distant future, scary shit!

The local paper is out again tomorrow, so here’s hoping that there will be a house or flat available that is suitable for us, really getting itchy feet to move now, need to be somewhere more private in the evenings where I can be left alone to my own strange devices!


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