Picking Courgettes and Apples

Today was really windy all day, and cloudy for most of it too, seems very much like Autumn is on the way in!

This morning I picked Courgettes and Marrows, loads of em there was too, although most of the Marrows were not as big as normal, I think its because of the colder weather maybe.

Then after this I picked Ribston Pippin Apples for the rest of the day.

Just wanted the day to come and go today, so that I could go and pick up our new 2nd hand car.  Which I did just now, and it’s been sorted out, but the garage wouldn’t take it back, so it means we’ve got to try and sell it ourselves, as I definitely don’t like the feel of it.  Just feels to flimsy and like if something hit it, it would crush like a paper bag!!

Its fine to drive, and like I said before it is quite nippy, and overall its in pretty good condition being 11 years old, but I just don’t like the feel of it, so we’re going to get rid of it, and hang on getting another car for a few months, at least until we’re settled in a house anyway.

Ooooh, the Champions League Football returns tonight, not long to go until United kick off, just wish I was in a house again being able to watch it on Sky TV, oh well, the radio will do!!


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