Apples and Pears, Apples and Pears

Today started off cloudy and chilly, and I was expecting it to rain first thing, but alas, it did not.

Had to empty the market van of all the empty trays and produce that didn’t sell, which wasn’t a lot, which is always good.

Then I picked Louise Bonne De Jersey Pears, mmm mmmmm, they are delicious Pears, nice and sweet, the skin is a little tough though, but other wise a lovely Pear indeed!

Then I picked Spartan Apples again, this time from little trees that were only 4-5 years old.

Then this afternoon I picked Lord Lambourne Apples, which are quite oily which makes picking fun as your hands get a bit stick after a while, but I’m sure the oil is good for the skin though!

The day ended in nice bright warm sunshine, not too hot though, which is to be expected for this time of year.

Nice relaxing weekend just gone, didn’t do a busting lot, well except for buying a new 2nd hand car, which I regret buying now.

Saw it on eBay and auto trader and thought it looked good enough, went to view it on Saturday, nice and clean inside and out, no rust anywhere, engine had quite a few bits newly replaced, so went ahead and bought it.  Little problem in starting it as the battery was dead, but didn’t think anything of it as it had been sat for a few weeks in the garage.

Got it home and the drive was fine, nice little nippy car I thought, turned the engine off, looked around it again, then tried to start it but no response, tried and tried again, but nothing.  So I decided to charge the battery over night, and try again the next day.  Which I did, but still nothing, all lights were on but no engine ignition.  A friend had a look at it and said that something was wrong with the starter motor and it was sticking so would probably need a new one.

But for now it would start with a couple of small whacks of the starter motor, which I thought was fine.

Took it back to the garage this evening though, and the guy in the garage said it wasn’t anything to do with the starter motor, but something in the ignition barrel, but that he would sort it out for me, and I could pick up the car again tomorrow.

Wouldn’t entertain the thought of having it back for a refund though, said that I brought it for a discount on the condition that I couldn’t return it, which I had agreed to, but didn’t think that something would be wrong straight away with it, fucking 2nd hand car dealers!

Anyway, when I go see him tomorrow I’m going to try one more time to get him to take it back for a refund, but if not, then I’ll have to sell it myself and hope not to lose too much money on it .. which could take a while as it’s not a car for most people!! … wish I hadn’t brought it now, but spose it’s just one of those things … just glad I didn’t spend a lot of money on it!

Looks like I might need to spend more money than I first wanted to, just to get a slightly better car, then sell this new one and also tidy up the old one and sell that for as much as possible …. could end up with 3 cars by the end of the week, heh!


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