Picking Courgettes, Squash and Spartan Apples

Today was a cold start, well I say cold, but not really, just cooler than the last few weeks, heh!

First off I picked Courgettes, Marrows and Squash until first break, and then Spartan Apples until lunch time.

After lunch I took the 400 Gem Squash to a customer, nice drive it was too, in the Sunshine listening to the radio, kool!

When I got back I took one of the tractors out and collected all the Bramley Apples that the pickers had picked all afternoon.

Overall quite a varied day today, which was kool as it is Friday, and I love it when a Friday goes quick, so I can get home, lay back and enjoy the evening more than normally, knowing I can have a lie in tomorrow!

Going to look around a few 2nd hand car dealers tomorrow to make up for there not being any houses in the local paper this week, getting annoyed now at the lack of houses to rent around here, really don’t want a flat, but looks like that might be the only option if I want to be out before it gets too cold!


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