Picking Cox and Laxton Fortune Apples

Today started off quite nippy but the sky was clear and the sun was shining!

Polished up the 400 Gem Squash we picked yesterday, ready for delivery tomorrow to the customer.

Then I picked Blackberries and some Raspberries and then the last of the Laxton Fortune Apples until lunch.

After lunch I picked some Cox Apples and then spent the rest of the afternoon collecting the Apple bins that all the other pickers had picked during the day.

It’s quite kool driving the tractor around as it makes the day go quickly for some reason, but the orchard has a dog that likes to bark at the tractor.  He doesn’t seem to tire either and did it all afternoon, strange dog indeed!

No pictures today as me battery on the phone was low, so I kept it to listen to me music .. got to have some music to listen to all day, keeps me sane whilst doing work!

Looked through the local paper for a house and only found the one, so will give it a ring tomorrow morning and try and get a viewing.

If it turns out to not be what me and Dena want, then we are going to look at some flats and then keep looking for a house whilst living in the flat .. at least it would mean we could have some luxuries whilst looking for a nice place to live.

Changed my mind about car too, well twice in fact.  Had originally thought I wanted to get rid of the old car and get another 2nd hand one, then I thought about keeping it but getting it fixed up, then thought again about it and have definitely decided to get rid of it, well buy another 2nd hand one and then see if I can get anything for the oldy!

Oooh, I nearly forgot … what a football match last night, WICKED!!! … can’t wait for the World Cup to start already!! … would sooo love to be able to go over to South Africe for a month and watch it all!!


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