Picking Courgettes and driving a 40 year old tractor

Today started with me waking up at 6am and hearing it pissing down with rain, which wasn’t a good start to the day, however, it soon stopped and the wind picked up and it was nearly dry by the time I started work at 8:30am.

Then the rest of the morning was quite kool, although the sun was out.

This morning I picked the normal Courgettes, Patty Pans and Marrows for market tomorrow, and also 400 Gem Squash for a South African customer who has already had 4o0 this season, they must really like em!

Took a picture of a massive pumpkin growing, which is no doubt going to get even bigger…

Big Pumpkin

After lunch I picked some more Greensleeve Apples for another customer order, and then moved onto the Cox Apples with the rest of the Apple pickers we have in at the moment.

It was quite hot this afternoon, although again luckly being in and out of the Apple trees I stayed quite sheltered.

We have a couple of old Massey Ferguson 35x tractors on the Orchard which are probably over 40 years old by now I think, and still going! – Although the do require a bit of work on every now and then, it’s quite kool having such an old machine still going!

Massey Ferguson 35X

Sat here now getting really excited about the footy match on in a bit, ooooooh can’t wait!


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