Picking Cox Apples

Today started off cloudy but muggy and I continued and finished whacking posts into the ground for the tying up of the Raspberries, which was harder than yesterday as the posts were as tall as me, heh!

Got it all finished by lunch time which was good as the clouds cleared after lunch and it was quite hot this afternoon.

All afternoon I picked Cox Apples, lots of them on the trees and we had to strip each tree which meant not having to select a certain size or quality, well except for any damaged ones!

Cox ApplesCox Apples in Bin

Something quite satisfying to see a bin full of Apples, not sure how much each bin holds, but I think it’s around 350kg, and me and Dena picked 2 this afternoon, which was not at a fast pace, which is good as if we were on piece rate we’d not have earned a lot of money this afternoon!

Had a nice chicken stir fry for dinner, well, not that nice as Dena put too much water in the sauce and it was a bit runny, but never the less it was a yummy enough!

Getting rather excited now, only 24hrs to go until a really important footy match, and I get to watch it live too as it’s on terrestrial tv, whoop!

Only 2 days to go too until the next local paper is out and I can see if there are any private ads for houses in it.  It’s really weird knowing that I want to move into a house again and not actually being able to find one suitable.

Sure we could compromise and go for a flat or a terraced house, but I really couldn’t bare living without a garden or inbetween 2 houses again, especially seeing as though we have so much space now.

But then again if the house is right and as long as the neighbours don’t have screaming kids or barking dogs then I suppose a terraced house would be ok.

Anyway, something right will come up soon I’m sure!


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