Picking Greensleeve Apples

Decided yesterday that I would try and post at least something everyday on this blog , so as to keep more of a history of what I do daily in the Orchard, lets see how it goes anyway…

Today I started off by picking normal Courgettes and also round Courgettes, Green and Yellow Patty Pans and also some Marrows…

The 1st pic is actually from last week when we picked some Squash too, look at all the colours…

Squash and Courgettes


Then I moved onto picking some Greensleeve Apples.  Another variety I’ve never heard of!  They are a combination of Golden Delicious and James Grieve apparently – can’t say I like the taste, but then I like sweet Apples mostly.

Greensleeve ApplesGreensleeve Apple tree

After that I went onto tying up the new Raspberry patch we planted out earlier in the year, the are starting to get a bit tall and are not strong enough to stand up on their own yet, so we had to go along and whack some stakes in the ground and then tie some string up to support the little Raspberry bushes!

Raspberrys tied up

It was quit a muggy day today, overcast this morning, followed by some lovely cloud free Sun this afternoon.  Even managed to take my t-shirt off this afternoon as I whacked in some posts to tie the string to to support the Raspberries …. trying to get my t-shirt tan line to disappear you see!!

Once I finished work I washed up the dirty dishes from the weekend, save on water you see by only doing washing up every 2-3 days!! … then I made dinner, nice bit of Beef and some baby Potatoes, White and Yellow home grown Carrots and some Sweetcorn, yum!

White and Yellow Carrots

Then I had a quick wash, didn’t really smell or anything, but was a bit dirty from today, so thought I might as well use up the hot water in the kettle …. and I am now sat here surfing the net, probably for most of the evening, although I might squeeze in a bit of Farscape season 1!!


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