Oil is NOT a fossil fuel

Just read an interesting article over on Brookenews.com, about Oil not being a fossil fuel.

Very interesting to me at the moment as I am trying to learn all I can about the truth behind Oil and Co2. Seeing as though we are being told we will have to pay more taxes etc if we want to continue using oil in our everyday lives.

If Oil is not a fossil fuel and is in fact a sustainable resource, then this is has massive implications.

It wouldn’t surprise me though if this were the case as the governments and various people who run this world would have a lot to gain by telling everyone that oil was in fact a non-renewable resource … they have a lot to lose though if oil is sustainable …. a lot of money …. hmmmmm.

Anyway, if any of you 3 readers who regularly read this blog want to take a look at this article, click here! :o)


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