Summers back atlast!

Been a busy few weeks lately .. so much so that I haven’t posted an entry into this online journal of mine … geez I must be getting more balanced then, heh!

Someone said to me the other day that when they write stuff down on paper or online they feel much better about things … and it doesn’t have to be something bad, it can be something good, but as long as you write it down it gets it out of you … or something along those lines anyway … and I’d have to agree, I definately feel better most times after writing on here … don’t know why … maybe my ego needs to think that someone somewhere listens to it’s madness … or maybe it’s just something as simply as me actually enjoying writing, heh … the intricacies of the human mind!

Anyhoo … the rain has continued until the middle of this week, on and off, and when it’s been on it’s poured down, meaning that we’ve been diving in and out of the fruit picking, trying to get as much as possible picked inbetween the rain, so that we don’t lose it to damage.

We’ve managed to keep the markets topped up enough with the fruit I think, we’ve not had to cancel any due to not having enough produce, so that’s good!

A French volunteer student has arrived at the Orchard the last few weeks, she’s here to learn about English Apple Farming I think … or something along those lines … not that I’m against someone experiencing another country, but I don’t see how she couldn’t learn about an Apple farm in France, heh!!

Anyway, she’s nice enough, gets on with the work when she’s been around me, unlike some people who just seem to want to talk or not actually do any work … man I hate fucking slackers … heh! … not that I’m a slave driver at all, I just don’t like people who don’t pull weight!!

Apple picking started this week, along with the nice weather again, wooo! … nice juicy Apples are lovely in the summer sun, not as nice as Strawberries, but still lovely!

Hopefully we’ll have a few weeks atleast of nice sunny weather .. it’s been warm enough whilst it’s been raining loads, but being warm and wet working isn’t as nice as being warm and dry working … heh! … and you get to pick more fruit in the dry … rocket science you see!

The weather being as wet as it has been has meant we’ve had a lot of evenings where both me and Dena have talked about out living situation, and talked, and talked some more.

We’ve decided not to get a Yurt as it doesn’t offer enough room for us, and we’re not ready to get a van and be mobile with the Yurt for some reason … we’ve both realised that right now anyway, we want to be living in a house again.

We’ve got the day job that we’ve always wanted, something that makes us happy and keeps us grounded .. .we get all the nature and countryside we need during the day, and we want something comfy, warm, luxurious to go back to in the evenings, and we don’t feel a Yurt would allow that.

We only want the basics really, running water, proper heating, no damp, a bit more space … just simple things really … but after the last year and a half, they’ve become luxuries now, and we want them back!

It’s all well and good wanting to live closer to the land, but we both just feel that we’ve taken a step back over the last year or so .. but then maybe we needed to.  To get the day job we’ve always wanted, but to also realise what luxury really means.

Compared to the majority of the worlds population, if we had running water, constant warmth and dryness, the luxury of nhaving a job we actually wanted to do rather than one we felt we had to do just to keep up with a way of living we we’re told was acceptable … then really we are living in luxury, and really shouldn’t be whinging at all about anything.

Which is what I think we have learnt by living this way for the small length of time we have.  I espiecially have realised that aslong as I have the basics, I am happy, I know I can have more if I want, but that it comes at a price … one that more often than not I don’t usually see.

But I realise that now, and realise that I don’t need most of the crap that we had before going on the journey we have in the last couple of years … and that’s only been realised the last few weeks.

We have both acknowledged we want the luxuriousness of a house … we’re not bothered about the so called pressure of having to pay the rent etc as we now have day jobs that mean it doesn’t feel pressurised to earn that money to pay the rent … and along the way because we have reduced the luxuries we need we can still actually have extra money to do the things that make us happy instead of paying for stuff that doesn’t make us happy.

By that I mean using credit of course … when credit is so widely available I have learnt that I buy things as and when I like … and most times within a short space of time I don’t appreciate those things I have brought or I have got bored of them etc …. today I now have to save for a length of time before I buy something and this means I get to think about the value of it more than buying it straight away.

This has meant so many times over the last few months I have wanted to buy something but haven’t been able to because I have no credit … and now I realise that has been a good thing.  Most of the things I have brought I have had to wait atleast a few weeks or months for, and that has meant if and when I have actually brought them I have appreciated them more.

Anyway, I’m off on a ramble now, heh …. got some pictures to upload but can’t be arsed to do it right now, sat here on Sunday morning listening to the wasps trying to get into my van again to eat some glue on my shelves … the strange things!

Oh and footies back YEAH BABY YEAH … just need to get me a better internet connection, which will be soon hopefully, as soon as we can find someone to live anyway … and I hope that the letting agents will allow us to rent from them with no bank accounts and no references seeing as though we haven’t lived anywhere proper for like nearly 2 year, heh!


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