Summer rain continues

Blimey, what a change in the weather.  The end of May and most of Juny was great, nice and sunny and warm, now since the turn of the Solstice pretty much it’s been pants, raining, raining and more rain.

I’m sure the plants don’t mind, but I do, well at the moment anyway seeing as though we’re living out of a tent and 2 berth caravan, which are both quite hard to keep dry when you come home from a days work soaking wet!!

Anyway, hopefully that won’t be for too much longer as we’ve got a yurt coming in the middle of August, more on that in a mo!

It makes me laugh that the mass media and our governments are still trying to get the masses to believe in global warming.  It couldn’t be any more obvious that the globe is cooling and not warming, otherwise we wouldn’t be having cool summers for the last few years, along with 2 of the coldest winters on record either!!

Anyway, it’s a quiet ‘ish’ period on the Orchard, only soft fruit picking inbetween all the rain, and of course lots of weeding, but aside from that everyone is waiting in eagerness for the first Apples to be ready in the middle to end of August … can’t wait! .. I love picking Apples all day, wondering through the trees, listening to the birds n insects, or if it’s raining, listen to my music, haha!

Here’s a couple of pics of the Courgettes plants and vegs we planted up a couple of months ago, it’s amazing how quickly they grow!

Courgette Plant

Freshly Picked Courgettes

Our own veggies are coming along great, just about fed up with the Ruby Chard and Leaf Beet, so I am going to pull up whats left and think about planting some stuff for the Autumn/Winter.

Our Giant Sugar Peas are producing lots of large Pea pods, which should be ready for eating any day now, and our Potato plants are coming along really quickly, the picture below is only 3 weeks after the first little green shoots popped up from the top of the soil … wicked!

Potatos are coming!!

Giant Sugar Peas are coming too!!

All this rain has done all the veggies good, but it makes weeding a bugger as they grow so quickly too.  Think we might be putting in some Autumn/Winter Carrots, probably the yellow ones and also some lettuce of some kind, although that’ll have to go under some fleece incase of frosts.

Right, so, onto our living arragements again,  Well, we had obviously decided to get a yurt, and it was going to be from a guy here in Somerset, but we realised last week that it was too much to try and save the money by mid Oct and still be able to afford to get a Wood Stove and then a Van and then still save enough before April next year.

We also thought about what if we didn’t like living in a yurt (unlikely) and we had spent a large amount of money, we would be pretty gutted I think. so we have gone for a cheaper option, well infact half the price, and we are importing one from Mongolia!!

Well, we’re not actually importing it, someone else is and we are buying off of them.  It arrives in a UK port sometime at the beginning of Aug and we should have it by the middle of Aug!!

If anyone fancies taking a look at the yurts in question take a look here … they are real proper traditional Mongolian yurts, beautiful and amazing!!

So as it means we would have the yurt a full 2 and a half months earlier than getting a UK built one then it means we can get a Wood Stove and the Van alot sooner, and save that little bit more before we think about leaving here in April, and it also means during this horrible weather we can at least spend a little bit of money on some fun things and not worry about saving so much!!

We have had some nice weather in the last few weeks, just a little though .. and our little Sid made the most of being outside, although he does find the silliest places to sleep…

Sid on the Satellite Dish!


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