Time flies when its hot!

Wow, the last 2 weeks have flown by, we’re now having a week off work as we need to use up some holiday before the harvest season really kicks in, which I think it from the beginning of August until the end of October, so we’re resting up ready for lots of days picking and being knackered!

Anyway, it’s good timing as it’s boiling this week, which is great, sunshine and relaxation go together like Strawberries and Cream!!

Although we haven’t done any relaxation yet the last few days though.  At the weekend we went to get a sideboard and chest of drawers from a local recycling centre, so that we could put our stuff away into something rather than having it all lieing around in boxes in the tent, and Dena decided to get herself a bookshelf too, which although is nice and old looking it’s a tad big!! … but it’s all in thinking for our next living arrangements, which I’ll mention about in a moment.

Then yesterday we drove down to our storage container in Cornwall and went through everything we had and pulled out stuff for a car boot sale, we managed to get rid of enough stuff to completely fill the estate so hopefully we’ll sell it all, if not anything thats left over is going to a charity shop!

The idea is that once we get our next living arrangements we’ll be getting rid of the container in Cornwall and have all our stuff with us.  We will need to get rid of a little bit more things I think, but when crunch comes anything not usable with a month or 2 of being in a our new living arrangements will have to go!

Anyway, about our living arrangements.  Obviously at the moment we’re living in a 2 berth caravan as our bedroom, and a 6 person tent as our kitchen and living room, weeeeell … because we’ve always wanted to be a little different and we want to think long term too in that we want something to live on a bit of land with which aids us in getting around planning permissions etc. we’ve decided to buy a yurt!!

Now, for anyone who reads this (are there people who do? …. really?!?) … you can find out more info about a yurt by clicking here … and for those that know what one is already … good for you! :o)

Yurt bair bones

The inside of a Yurt!
The inside of a Yurt!

Anyway, we decided that we wanted something a bit different, and also something that we can move around as and when we need to move on.  And a yurt fitted the bill perfectly! … we’re going to get a it made hopefully by a guy called Paul King, who makes Yurts up in the North of Somerset, and it’s going to be made from Ash, which is a really good wood for Yurts as it is strong and stable!

We’re going to see him in a couple of weeks time, to have a chat about a few things and also leave our deposit with him, then it’ll take until about the end of September beginning of Oct to be made, which is perfect for us as that is exactly how long it would take for us to save the money to pay for it, heh!

After that we’re going to get a wood burner come oven for the Yurt, which will heat it obviously during the winter and also give us something more than our electric hob and our wok to cook on and ontop of that we’re going to get the Yurt lined with Felt from Sheeps wool to add a layer of insulation for it just incase it gets really cold again this winter, also Sheeps wool is a good layer to keep the whole thing cool in the Summer too!

We’ll then get a transit type van to put it all in, including our possessions, and we should then be totally mobile, wooo!

It all comes at a high cost money wise, but we’ve really both thought about it a lot, and it makes sense mainly because of the future, in that we are more likely to be able to put a Yurt on a piece of land than a caravan … but also it just means we’re doing something different than other people, but also I really don’t like living in a square box all the time.

It was bad enough living in a house when we did, and the short amount of time we have lived in caravans really has shown me that I don’t like living in square things.  Plus a caravan is just a metal house anyway … and everyone has a caravan in this lifestyle, so being a bit different is definately the way to go!

One of our friends has already asked would Dena be running around naked with flowers in her hair, hugging trees, saying she would be a hippy … which is a bit rude and shows how conditioned to normality they have become really.

Just because we’re choosing to live a different way than other people doesn’t mean we should be labelled as hippies, we could quite easily turn around and say how cowardly they are for not challenging anything or anyone, or trying to live a different way other than in a way that destroys the land and the animals that live on it!!

But we wouldn’t and won’t … well unless they were really rude about us, then that would be another matter, and I might have to go off on one to their face!

Aaaaanway, rant over, where was I….

Yeah, OK, so we’ve decided on a different type of living arrangement, and we’ve just got a sideboard, chest of drawers and a bookshelf from the recycle centre, which are now in the tent, ready for when we get the yurt … I hope they fit!! … atleast it makes the tent a little more tidier as we’ve got somewhere other than cardboard boxes to live out of! …. although the tent is leaking even more and more everytime it rains now, so we decided to buy another one for £100 which is more squarer than the one we’ve got now, so it should have a bit more usable space in it, but either way it’ll be more waterproof than the one we have now, and it’s only got to last until the middle of Oct hopefully!

Work wise we’ve been picking loads of Strawberries and Gooseberries of course, but also some Blackcurrants now, which were amazing, we didn’t realise how many Blackcurrants were on each plant, the tray in the picture below has 16 punnets in and they were all filled up from just 2 plants, and even then we didn’t pick every fruit off the plant!!


Blackcurrant Bush
Blackcurrant Bush

Our veggie patch is coming along nicely, and I’ve even got around to making some Elderflower Champagne this year…

Our Veggy Patch
Our Veggy Patch
Elderflower Champaigne Brewing
Elderflower Champagne Brewing

Just got to wait another week and the brew should be ready to drink.  I had a quick taste yesterday after a week of brewing and it tasted great, but it needs another week to get more fizzy I think as the fizz that was there didn’t last very long …. oooh it’s exciting!

Got some jam making bits aswell, just need to find some decent jars to put the jam into, need to hurry up though as the Strawbs will all be gone soon!

Aaaah, 10am on a Tues and I am still sat in bed, aaaah Bliss!! …. spose I should get up and have a cup of tea and some breaky … got to take the small oven out of the caravan today and see if I can rig it up to be used outdoors in a little shelter …. I didn’t think that when I cut the gas pipe to the heater to get rid of it, that the whole system was connected and it would effect the over too … doh!

Hopefully our new nylon bender (tent!) will arrive today and we can get that up too, would be nice, before the thunderstorms come later this week.


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