Summer equals fresh fruit and lots of insects!!

Phew, it’s been hot the last few weeks.  Seems like we had a bit of a heat wave, which has now disappeared into the normal British summer, haha!

Well, I say summer, but it’s not yet is it? … officially summer doesn’t begin until June 21st, so we’ve technically still got 10 days or so until then, so really Spring has been pretty good!! … but then I’ve always thought that June the 1st was the beginning of Summer for me and it continued until the 1st September when Autumn begins, which continues until 1st December when Winter begins, which itself continues till 1st March when Spring begins again.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a hot summer this year hopefully, working outside all day, picking fruit, working the land, getting hot and sweaty, kool!!

We’ve been pretty busy as always here at the Orchard, we’ve stopped the sowing now, and the last batch was done a few weeks ago, mainly marrows, courgettes and pumpkins.  All for the Orchard, to grow on to vegetables for sale in the markets in Aug/Sep time.

The first batches of fruits were picked this week, Gooseberrys and Strawberries.

We only picked some Strawberries ourselves, which I took a picture of below, mmmmm juicy red Strawberries, my favourite Summer fruit by far!!

And we of course found some odd shaped one’s too, one of which I had to take a picture of as I Dena thought it looked like a Buffalo!!

Freshly picked Strawberries
Freshly picked Strawberries
Strawberry Buffalo
Strawberry Buffalo

We didn’t realise but the Orchard has to bring bee’s in to help the pollination of the fruit trees.  So they allow a bee-keeper to keep his hives in a section of the Orchard and he inturn lets his bee’s loose once a year to do some pollination.

I got upclose to one of the beehives and shot a short video of them buzzing in and out of the hive … it was quite amazing to be that close to a hive and hear all the buzzing, it was kind of hypnotic, I could have sat there for hours listening to buzzing and watching them fly in and out of their hive….

I’ve been able to get a few pictures of some of the insects around the orchard this week, the skill is being able to approach them slowly enough not to frighten them away, and then when taken to the picture to be still enough too …. it’s taken me a few attempts to get these pictures….

Moth on a leaf
Moth on a leaf
Spider and its Young
Spider and its Young
Strange looking Bug!
Strange looking Bug!

How kool huh!? … I’m quite chuffed with them pictures!

Have I mentioned how much I like having days off to do what I want? …. weekends are a good thing when working for someone else, heh!

We’re going to take the caravan apart on Saturday, make a bit more room hopefully, I’ll take some before and after pictures so we can see the difference.

We’re also off to a Scythe Festival on Sunday just up the road from us … should be a Greenfair there too with lots of alternative things!! … I’m looking forward to the Scythe competition as it’ll be good to see someone up close who knows how to use one properly.

I’ve really enjoyed using a Scythe here at the Orchard when we’ve had to cut down some nettles that a machine can’t get into.  It’s hard work at times, but I really like the whole movement involved with using a Scythe.

Anyway, here’s hoping to a sunny and dry weekend!


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