Vegs are growing, weeding to be done and Summer is nearly here!!

Aaaaah, I love bank holiday weekends, busy busy for a couple of days, but still having time to relax and do nothing on the bank holiday is great!!

We went to the Devon County Show on Saturday which was really kool, I think we spent more time looking at all the animals than anything else, heh! … definately spent the most time looking at the Pigs, man they are sooo kool, I want a couple of Pigs when we get a piece of land, oh and some Goats, and a few Cows, oh and a Alpaca or 2, plus a few Chickens and Ducks and maybe some Sheep too, hmmm I wonder if they will all fit onto an acre?!

Its been yet another busy few weeks at the Orchard, continuing to sow lots of seeds, Squash, Pumpkins, Corgettes, Beans, Asparagus, Tomatos, Sweetcorn, Herbs, the list goes on.  But hopefully it will ease up a little in the next few weeks as it will start to be fruit season soon, so we’ll have some of our Gooseberrys and Strawberrys going to market, oooh I can’t wait, fresh Strawberrys for breakfast mmmm mmmmm!!

Here’s a pic of some of the Squash we sowed about a week or 2 ago, well on their way now…

We’ve also been doing a fair bit of weeding around the Orchard too.  Hoe’ing up the weeds from around the Raspberrys was rewarding but hard work, although I enjoyed it more than Dena did as I really like hoe’ing for some reason, below is a couple of pictures of our work…

It took us the whole day to complete 4 rows like the one in the top picture, and in the afternoon it pissed it down with rain, which made it that much more harder as our wellies were covered in mud, and weighed a tonne!!

All the fruit tree’s and bushes are well on their way with growing lickle fruit now, obviously the Strawberrys and Gooseberries will be ready soon, but the lickle Cherrys have just got going, mmmm it’ll be nice picking a few fresh ripe Cherrys…

We’re really lucky where we have placed our home on the Orchard, as we have a few rows of Plum and Pear trees right opposite us, so once they are fully grown and ripe we’ll be able to wake up in the morning and walk a few paces and pick a few, mmmm I can’t wait…

It’s great walking around the orchard, looking at all the fruit that is growing, knowing that we are helping it along the way, with a bit of weeding, or pruning, or thinning, but the best feeling is being able to grow your own fruit and veg.

Although we’re not growing any of our own fruit (don’t see the point with loads of it around the Orchard!) we are growing some of our own veg this year.

The 2 raised beds I boshed together are starting to come on quite nicely…

Seeing as though I only sowed the seeds 2 weeks ago all the vegs are coming on nicely.

We’ve got White and Yellow Carrots with some Bunching Onions growing in the first bed (closest in picture) and then we’ve got some Ruby Orach, Leaf Beet, Giant Sugar Peas, Sweetcorn, Mizuna, Chives and Leeks growing in the other bed, and then finally some Amaranths in the middle of the 2 beds along with a few Mint plants, Chocolate, Morrocan and PineApple Mint.

Wasn’t sure what I wanted to grow this year so I went with a few things we haven’t grown before, and also went with Heirloom varieties, more so that we know the vegs will be nice and tasty, but also because it’s nice growing something different and that you know has been around for centuries and will taste really yummy, rather than growing something like the F1 hybrids which more often than not only look nice and don’t really taste of much, when compared to the Heirloom vegs anyway.

Hopefully my seed Potatos will be arriving this week so I can get them chitting up ready to plant out before the summer solstice in June(I left it a bit late in ordering them!!) … I can’t remember what varieties I have ordered now, but I know that I’ve got 4 different types coming, and all one’s that I have never eaten or heard of before so it should be interesting!!

Deciding on getting some Organic Slug pellets this years, as I don’t really fancy plonking some beer cups around the beds, nor going slugging every day, so I’ve gone for the easy option this year.

I was also thinking of getting some Chicken feed pellets for the vegs, but went with an Organic liquid feed instead, simply for ease really, again I want to try and keep things simply this year, seeing as though I am always knackered from working during the daytime in the Orchard, I want to be able to come home and have an easy evening/weekend with my own vegs.

Aaaah, thats better, a nice loong post, after not posting for over 2 weeks, heh! …. I always think of somethink to post in the evenings but can’t be bothered to log on most days, I normally check my email, face book briefly and then some footy news and leave anything else to the weekends.  But now that the footy season has nearly ended I suppose I might have more time in the evenings to pop up a short post or two … siiiigh, from Wednesday not footy for nearly 3 months, boooo!


One thought on “Vegs are growing, weeding to be done and Summer is nearly here!!

  1. suzanneshdcycle 29/05/2009 / 3:11 am

    NICE GARDEN, i used to have one and a nice green house also down in Florida befor my Husband died and i had to move back to Oklahoma, one dayi will have another one, Great green thumbs up to you!

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