Your have already chosen your life journey, enjoy it!

I’ve just finished reading an article titled Why Conciousness has already written the script over at a blog called Homo Veritas.

It reminded me of something my mother told me when I was young.

I had come home from school I think and had had a particularly bad day in that I was bored as always with what they were teaching and wanted more from my teachers with regards to just the standard crap that was being pushed onto me.  I think I had started talking to my mother about what I could do in the future as I wanted to do something different than all the other kids at my school were doing … lawers, doctors, teachers, business people etc.  And she turned round and said that I could choose to do anything I wanted to and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought or said, but more importantly she then said “but always remember that no matter what you choose to do in your life, you have already chosen to do that before you were born!” 

I didn’t pay too much attention to it at the time, as my mother was always one for ‘way out there’ remarks and I had just got used to them, but as my life went on, at certain turning points in my life this moment kept popping back into my head.

Everytime I had come to stand still with my life and wanted to make a change but didn’t know what to do, my mothers voice would pop back into my head and for some reason I would then instinctively know which decision to make, or I would just make a decision and live with it.

And this has continued on to this day, and probably will forever more.  Whenever I know deep down that I need to make an important decision, I can now feel my instincts almost kick in when I get to a particular decision, and I then know it will be the right one.  But at the same time I feel content and happy when I don’t get this feeling and just pick a decision at random.

I no longer feel that I can make a wrong or right decision, simply because there is no wrong or right, there just is.  All decisions have different outcomes, but all of them are neither bad or good, or right or wrong, they just are.

It certainly has made making decisions that much easier than they used to be for me.  I just think of an action to take and do it, I try not to procrastinate on anything anymore, and just go with the flow as it were.

And it’s all thanks to my mother saying what she did all those years ago!

Thanks to Homo Veritas for reminding me of this again!!


One thought on “Your have already chosen your life journey, enjoy it!

  1. pochp 08/05/2009 / 8:56 pm

    I envy you for having such a wise mother. But i think the

    ‘Why SUBConciousness has already written the script over’
    would be the better Q.

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