New home new beginnings, but with a very sick friend

Well, we finally moved out of the herb field last week, and set up our new tent home on the Orchard….

Tent Home
Tent Home

It’s been an interesting week thats for sure! … to begin with we had to get used to the smaller space in the tent, although it’s a 6-8 person tent and is quite large, it takes a bit of getting used to seeing as though we’ve been living out of a mobile home for the last few months.

We’ve been quite organised by using boxes stacked up as shelves etc, but it’s still been quite taxing at times getting used to the small space.

To make matters harder it’s been raining nearly every night and day, and mid week we found out the tent wasn’t water proof.  Well most of it is, but the corners and the bottom of the tent leak and with the added wind it’s meant the rain has been coming into the tent, but we didn’t find this out for a few days, and the corner of the mattress got really wet.

We tried to fix the leaks, but it didn’t work and so we decided this Friday that we would get a small caravan for a few hundred quid, and live in it and just keep the tent for storage until we can afford to get a bigger caravan.

And so, here we are, with our new home extension…

It’s really cool, we saw the caravan for sale on ebay on Friday evening, and put a bid in, got outbid, but then put in another bid late Saturday afternoon, and won the caravan for £350, which is great, and the seller even delivered it for us as the van was only in Bristol!

Home Extension
Home Extension

So we are now the official owners of our very first home, heh!!

It’s so much more comfortable having a sleeping space and storage space, all our stuff we don’t use that regularly is staying in the tent, and the rest including the bed is in the caravan, it’s great!

Anyway, now that we’re more comfortable with our living space, we’ve got to cope with an emotional roller coaster as our lickle cat Sid is really ill.

It started off at the beginning of the week with him not eating anything, this went on for 2 days, and we started to get really worried, but though he might just be getting used to living in a new space.

But on Wednesday he ate a little bit, but struggled with something in his mouth, he kept eating but getting the food stuck in his mouth and wreching, so we tried to take a look but couldn’t see anything as he really didn’t like us looking in his mouth.

On Thursday morning we noticed a small lump on his mouth, but by the end of the day it hadn’t got any bigger and he was eating a little bit by himself.  So we booked him into the local vet for a check up next week, just incase.

But by Saturday morning, the lump had got bigger, and he had stopped eating again, so we took him to the vet and he said that some of his teeth were really bad, and that one of the had got an abcess on.  The vet drained the abcess and gave him some antibiotics and said that he should be ok until the check up next week.

But he had some other bad news in that he said Sid was alot older than we though, probably around 15-17 years old, and that he had a hearth murmer and probalbly and kidney or thyroid problem, aswell as being anemic!!

This all didn’t come as too much of a surprise to us, as we knew he was really old, and probably had some illness due to this old age, but all of this in one go was really quite sadening.

Basically in the check up next week, if his teeth are as bad as the vet thinks then he will need to get them operated on, which due to his old age and his health he probably wouldn’t make it through.  If he did though, the cost of getting him treated for his illnesses would be quite high, and might not even cure him.

The vet has said that we need to consider how long he probably has left to live, and the cost of treating him.

So, this has made us both really sad, as we know deep down that Sid probably wouldn’t make it through the operation on his teeth, and we don’t want him to die on the operating table, so we think the best option might be to reluctantly put him to sleep.

But it’s such a hard decision, as money doesn’t come into it as we would happily pay what ever it takes to try and get him healthy again, but we don’t want to put any undue stress on him, especially if he wouldn’t come through it.

Anyway, we’re spending the whole weekend with him, fussing him, and feeding him lots of nice foods, incase we do have to put him to sleep next week, he’s such a character we would really miss him, and although we haven’t had him long, it feels like he’s been with us for ages….

Sid on Denas Shoulders
Sid on Denas Shoulders

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