Spring is upon us – time to get weeding!

We’ve been busy the last week or two at the Orchard weeding row upon row of Strawberry plants.

Here’s a couple of before and after pics of one of the rows we have weeded…

It doesn’t look like hard work, as all we’re doing is taking out the dead brown leaves from last season but it’s hard on the back as your either bent double over, or knelt down bending over, either way the back gets a beating!!

I think in total there was 6 rows of these little buggers, and we’ve got another section to go with even more rows in, but it was really nice weather, although the last day on this row it did hail and rain all day, but it’s still great to be outside all day!

We’ve also had to burn all the Gooseberry thinnings we cut out, and it was really kool because the plant must have some kind of oils in it as the fire took off like a rocket and popped and wizzed away, with big flames coming out of the top of it, even though it was only a small fire…

All in all it’s been a good few weeks work really, nice sunny days, not too hot and lots of varied hard work, just how I like it!!


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