Time to get real and stop dreaming…

So, it’s only a week until we’ll be leaving the herb field, and moving into a 8 person tent, and we’ve now got to pull our fingers out with regards to becoming more independant and self sufficient, fuck we’re scared!!!

Me and Dena are going to be living in our tent for a few weeks, or longer, depends how long it takes us to find a caravan sufficient for our needs … which have massively reduced thanks to us both taking the hugely shit scary decision to change our lifestyles a year ago!!

To think that this time last year, we had decided to quite full-time jobs, jobs that were secure enough, jobs that brought in a steady income, jobs that enabled us to live a lavish lifestyle … compared to the billions of poor people in the world!

We rented a nice cottage in the country, had a lovely view over some woods.  We had a car, a tv, internet, mobile phones, cd players, blenders and juicers, we could buy anything we wanted and yet we still weren’t happy.


Its because we worked in a job that didn’t produce anything of value to us or the land we lived on, nor to the animals that live on it too.

And it’s taken us the last year to realise this once and for all.  We already knew it deep down, as we have been on a different path for the last few years, but it’s taken the last year for it to really sink in.

Whats the point of doing something that destroys the world around you and all its inhabitants, oh right, thats it … because you get to live in a nice house, you get to have a big tv with satellite, you get to have mobile phones, cd players, blenders and juicers ….. right, thats why!


Anyway, thats enough of that, I’ve had enough of ranting about shit, and trying to tell everyone to live differently, because at the end of the day, if someone wants to live a lifestyle that will leave nothing left for their children or there children, then thats fine … aslong as I have enough land to live on I’ll leave you to it, but if you effect what I want to do in any way, fuck I’m going to come down on you like a ton of really heavy shit … so there!

For now though, I’ll be in my tent, waiting for my caravan, learning about earth fridges, compost loo’s and humanure…. no longer dreaming, but instead … living, and living much lighter than ever before.


One thought on “Time to get real and stop dreaming…

  1. Lil sis 01/04/2009 / 8:20 pm

    We don’t need to know about your “Humanure..!!! LOL

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