Few weeks been and gone, and now more change

So, it’s been an interesting few weeks since I last posted, nothing major has happened, we’ve just tweeked what we’re going to tis all.

We had initially decided to go WWOOF’ing in Wales or Scotland, and we’re making plans for that, then we thought about the opportunity at the Herb field.  And we thought about it for a couple more days and realised that it was too good to turn down, then we changed our minds again and are now going to Denmark again!!

We realised that we could WWOOF at the Herb field until the current manager goes, and then take over for a few seasons.  Learning lots of skills as we went aswell as hopefully saving some money as we would have a fulltime income.

But then a week or so went by and we then thought about the time we would have to spend at the Herb field to save the money we want to.  Then of course once this time next year came round, we would be full timing at the Herb field, and it would be difficult to go to Canada or anywhere else.

We also thought a bit more long term about what we want to do, and money comes into it quite alot.  It’s not really about what skills we can get between now and a date in the future, but more importantly about how much money we can save whilst getting those skills.

Being at the Herb field, we both feel that we wouldn’t be able to save enough money over a year/couple of years aswell as learn enough of a wide range of skills.

So we’ve decided to go to Denmark in April, stay for about 4 months, come back to pick Apples, then back to Denmark for the Christmas Tree’s, then back here again for the Apple Tree pruning.

That gives us nearly a full 12 months of working outdoors, gaining various different skills and experiences, aswell as being able to save money.

It’ll be a hard year for sure, but we’ve done it now, and know what it will take and what we need to do, but it opens us up to gaining alot more skills, and the potential of earning more money.  And then when we finish the pruning in Feb next year, we’ll hopefully have enough money to take some time out to think about what we want to do next.

We’ve got a few ideas in mind, one being gaining a qualification.  Particularly in Arboriculture, as we both really like working with trees and there are a number of careers/jobs we could do with a qualification.  And seeing as though the last 5 months we have been working with a lot of different trees, and will be again over the next year, it gives us a perfect opportunity to realise whether we do actually want to work with trees.

Anyway, thats that for now, we’re saving now to get us to Denmark, which is a bit more achievable money wise than going to Canada.

We’ve finished the Apple Tree pruning, which I think the boss thought would take us a little longer, so thats good!  And we are now pruning Gooseberry bushes, and should be planting some Raspberry bushes in a week or so, which is cool, as it is all on hourly, which means we can take it a little slower than when we were on piece rate, which will hopefully mean not being so tired every evening!!

Gooseberry bush needing pruning!
Gooseberry bush needing pruning!

The money saving for Denmark hasn’t got off to a good start as I had forgotten that the car insurance needed renewing and also the car tax.  So thats the first couple of hundred quid we had saved gone already, and then I also forgot about paying for the caravan we are staying in at the Herb field!!  It just means that next weeks savings will be halfed and then everything else after that will be towards Denmark.

I’m thinking we’ll get there with enough money to last for the first 2 weeks, until we get paid for the first time, and still have a little bit left over, which is exactly right, but something that both of us don’t want to be experiencing again in the future.

The last 5 months have been about getting just enough money to get to the next job/place, and it has meant sacrificing alot of things.   But it’s been worth it, and we now know what needs to be done, and hopefully from having the experience we can this time round save some money!!

Willow Tree House
Willow Tree House

One thought on “Few weeks been and gone, and now more change

  1. Our Insurance 17/03/2009 / 7:43 pm

    Nice post! Keep it real.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

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