Self inflicted stress and the effects

So, the last few weeks have been a bit stressful to say the least. But it’s been self inflicted which is kind of ok I suppose.

With having to spend all our savings on getting our car back on the road, it has put us back to square one with regards to saving money to go to Canada and volunteer, which is a major pain in the arse.

Its a major pain in the arse because the work we are doing will run out at the end of March and we also have to be out of the accommodation we are in at the same time.  Although we can probably get more work, the accommodation we could get would be far more expensive and would negate the money we could earn.

So it means that we would have to work every day until the end of March just to maybe have enough money to go to Canada with.

We thought that we would be able to do this, but after trying for the last 9 days to work every day, we started to get really stressed.  Realising that we could not have a day off, nor could we slack in the amount of work we were doing.

We have already had to tighten our money spending by only buying food and fuel for the car and nothing else.

But we then both realised how stressed we had become by putting this amount of pressure on ourselves.  We just couldn’t keep up the constant work.

Even if we took a day or two off here and there it would mean we would fall short of the amount we need to go to Canada with.  And it’s not as if we wanted to take a large amount of money out there.  We would have enough money for tickets and a few months spending money and that would be it, we would have had to gain some kind of cash in hand jobs whilst we were out there anyway.

So we decided that it was just not doable.  We couldn’t work every day from now until the end of March, and instead we’ve decided to go to Canada next year.

In the mean time we are going to volunteer in Wales or Scotland for about 6 months or until September, then we’re going to come back to Somerset and pick Apples and then onto Denmark again to harvest Christmas Trees, back to Somerset again for Apple Tree pruning and then hopefully we’ll have saved enough to go to Canada this time next year!!

We feel so much more relaxed and at ease working now, knowing that we don’t have to have a certain amount of money by the end of March.  We know that we can take a day off here and there and it won’t effect the total that much, we’ll still have enough to go volunteering in Wales or Scotland.

So with that decision done and dusted and feeling much more relaxed and stress free tonight for the first time in a while I’m off to have some dinner and continue looking through the WWOOF booklet!


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