Valentines Day Bullshit!!

Rant time.

So, another February is upon us, and yet another Valentines Day is coming … fuck do I hate this day more than most other celebrated days in the year!!

I find it so fucking frustrating, and annoying how so many people are brain washed into thinking that they should show their affections to their loved one on a particular day more than any other day in the year, and especially just because they are told to.

Personally if my partner were to give me anything gift wise on what is called Valentines Day and say to me ‘Happy Valentines’ (not that she would) I would be fucking disgusted and absolutely disappointed that she had been coerced and brain washed into thinking that she should give me a gift of some kind to apparently show her love for me exactly on the same day that millions of others are told to as well.

There are more than enough days in the year to show affection to your loved one, and from my point of view, it should be done every single day anyway!

I love my partner and care for her dearly, and I show it in numerous different ways, every single day.  Every day doesn”t involve buying her some bullshit gift that is made from unsustainable resources, I show my love by the way I act towards her, and by the way I treat her, which is with respect, openly and honestly.

That for me, shows her how much I care for her and love her much more than anything ever purchased could ever do!

Aaaah, I feel better after that little rant, heh!

Rant over.


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