Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Interesting start to the this week, got up Monday morning and got all the way to the Orchard and then the car exhaust fell off, it had rusted from the main box connection to the pipe, so off we went to get it fixed, but they didn’t have the right exhaust in so had to keep it until Tuesday afternoon, which meant 2 days off, and not earning.

We worked Wednesday, and then I noticed a crack in the windscreen so it had to have that replace on Thursday as it was due an MOT on Friday (today), so another day off this week.

Then woke up this morning, thinking great, car goes in, we get it back and off to work in the afternoon, or Saturday at the worst, but then looked out the caravan window and it had snowed, so much that it was nearly 1ft deep, enough to not be able to move the car.

If I could have got it to the main road we might have been able to get it to the MOT garage, but there is a really steep hill to get up and the car wouldn’t have a chance getting up it.  It’s hard enough walking up it.

So the car is now booked in for next Tuesday for the MOT meaning that we can’t work until it’s passed as it is of course illegal to drive the car with no MOT … ohwell, atleast we won’t need a day off for a few weeks once we do go back to work, it’s just a pain in the arse as we had hoped to be putting our first lot of money away for Canada this week.

Here’s a couple of pics of the snow…

Car in snow
Car in snow
OHTC Lane in Snow
OHTC Lane in Snow
Dena and me!
Dena and me!

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