3rd week of Pruning been and gone

The weeks are flying by now, just had 2 days off after doing 9 straight days of pruning.  Didn’t have days off because we wanted to, they were kind of forced onto us as both me and Dena woke up Friday morning with cramp in our hands from holding the hand-saws.  Well we’d both been waking up each morning with our hands cramped up like claws, but it was tolerable until Friday morning, until we woke up in pain, so we decided to have a couple of days off to recuperate!!

We’re onto some big trees now that require using the hand-saws all the time … well, we find it easier to do the trees just using the hand-saws, but they take around 15-20 mins per tree to do, but it’s all good fun and a great learning experience, so must’nt whinge too much, haha!

Anyway, we went back to work pruning this morning, and have got another 10 straight days in front of us … seeing as though the car nees an MOT and service, it’s going to cost a bit, but it needs doing to make sure it’s in top shape for the middle of March, seeing as though we are going to sell it and go to …. Canada!!

Yup, we’ve been talking about going WWOOF’ing to Canada during the last week or so, and have decided to go for it, and set a date of the middle of March to go.

We’ve been in contact with a few farms out there to volunteer with, and had some positive responses, which has been good.  We’ve worked out how much it’ll cost to get out there, so it’s just a matter of working to earn that money now, haha, always easier saying it than doing it!

Anyway, can’t be arsed to write anything else, I’m off to bed, got to get up early tomorrow.


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