2nd week of pruning gone

Not much to write about the last week, sept we’ve done more pruning, and more pruning, oh and some more pruning, haha!

We finished early on Monday this week, as it was pissing down with rain, and I hurt my arm trying to cut branches that were too think for my loppers! … we then took Tuesday off as when I woke up in the morning my arm was killing me and I could just about grip a cup of tea!

Wednesday I took it easy on the loppers and used the hand saw most of the day, and by Thursday my arm seemed to be OK enough to use the loppers on thinner branches.

We’re now on Sunday and my arm is pretty much back to normal now, although I’m not going to test it by cutting thick branches with the loppers, I’ve been sticking to the handsaw, just in case!

We’ve decided to work straight through from Wednesday this week until we feel too knackered when we wake up in the morning, which I’m hoping will be 2 straight weeks, as we could do with the money to pay for a full service on the car, and the MOT that is due in Feb too.  Normally I’d do the neccessary bits to the car myself like I have the last couple of years, but with going to and back from Denmark and it’s done about 9000+ miles in 6 months, so I think a bit of tender loving care from a professional is well deserved!!

The car is officially 10 years old now, and she’s done 151,000+ miles too, which is great, and we’re hoping she’ll keep going for a long while yet, well, atleast to get us to Denmark and back again anyway!

We’ve been talking about where we want to go after Denmark, which we’ll be around August/September time, and we’ve decided to go to Canada and doing some WWOOF’ing out there.

We’ve looked at Canada as somewhere we would like to live in the past, but never gone out there to see what the country was like.  Seeing as though I have an Aunt out there, it’s a bit silly really, we should’ve just gone for a holiday or something!

We’re thinking of going WWOOF’ing in the same state as my Aunt lives, this being Alberta, which would mean that it would be easy enough to go and see her and her family, and at the same time we could pick her brain on the area and places to get jobs etc, thinking long term of moving there permanently!

Anyway, we’ve got to earn enough money to get us to Denmark first, and then earn enough money there to get us to Canada, and if needs be back aswell.  Because WWOOF’ing we won’t be able to earn any money, so unless we get some part-time jobs out there we need to ensure we at least have return air tickets!

Right thats enough for now, I’m off to lay down as I’ve just finished my dinner of home made toad in the hole, mmm mmmmm!


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