Winter Apple Tree Pruning

So, our first week of Apple Tree Pruning has been and gone, and to say we are both knackered yet again, is an understatement!!

Just when we think that our bodies should be used to this type of work, a job crops up that throws any ideas like this out of the window.

We have to use small hand-saws and also a pair of bypass loppers, which means there is alot of fore-arm work, squeezing the loppers together and pushing the hand-saw back and forth.  Even though it’s been minus 2 or 3 degrees most days we have been working, we have both worked up a sweat within half-an-hour of starting the pruning!

We’ve been told that we can work as many hours or as many days as we want, aslong as we get the job done within a decent time, which is great as it means we can relax knowing that aslong as we get on with it, we can come and go as we please.

We’ve decided to do how ever many daylight hours there are at the moment, which means we start at around 8:30am and finish around 4:30pm, and we’ve decided to do 6 day weeks, and have Sundays off to rest and recuperate, although we are happy to work 7 days a week if need be, we feel that we need a days rest.  And our boss has said that if it is pissing down with rain it is our choice to work in it or now, which was a nice gesture, but I think unless it is torrential rain, we will brave it and work through it.  We’ve worked through rain before, and although it does slow you down, we can still make a decent amount of money during a days work, and atleast when we do work through the rain, we know we have atleast covered the days expenses of food, fuel etc etc.

Here’s a couple of pics from the other morning when it was really foggy, it felt quite eerie in the Orchard, seeing as though it’s about 45 acres of land, thats quite a bit of Orchard!

Each row of Apple trees, is about 40 trees long, and when it was foggy you couldn’t even see the end of the row!  Kind of gave it a sense of going on forever and ever!

Misty Long Apple Tree Row
Misty Long Apple Tree Row
Dena in Misty Orchard
Dena in Misty Orchard

Dena has the hand-saws ready, just waiting for me to stop taking pics above!

Dena Pruning Top of Apple Tree
Dena Pruning Top of Apple Tree

Dena shows how the top of the Apple Tree’s are pruned with the Bypass Loppers we brought!

Like I said at the beginning, it’s been a different type of hard work to what we have become used to, and I reckon that my fore-arms will be the size of my thighs by the time we finish this job! … which I’m not going to complain about, I always thought Pop-Eye had great arms, haha!


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