We’re back in the UK!!

Long time since I posted, yet again!

Well, we’re back in the UK now, got back a week before Christmas, which was nice as it meant we missed most of the Christmas build up.

We got ourselves a bit of food and other stuff for chrimbo, and then we went to Christina’s parents for 3 days, nice relaxing food filled time we had too!

We’re back at the Herb field here in Somerset until the end of Feb/Mid March I think and then back to Denmark for 4-6 months as the guy we worked for is happy to have us back again!

We’ve got work lined up back at the Apple Orchard I worked at in October, doing some pruning this time though, which will keep the money coming in, and hopefully enable us to save enough to go back to Denmark!

We earned a decent amount of money in Denmark, but not as much as we had hoped, but then we didn’t really know what we were going to, so I think we probably had a higher expectations that we should have … although after a major contract being cancelled with our employer we we’re just glad to still be there after a couple of weeks! … and now most of the money has been spent on Christmas … but we deserved it after all our hard work over the last few months! … I think we’ve just got enough to last us until our first payday at the Apple Orchard.

We don’t think we’ll go back again for the Christmas Tree cutting as it’s so bloody cold and hard work .. which is completely different from what I said on the last entry, haha! … but that was before the hourly worked got cancelled and we had to continue doing the branches for longer than we first thought! … although we know what we’re doing now, i’m sure we can find something at that time of year which isn’t so hard, well I hope so anyway, haha!

In the end we didn’t go back to the nice quite cottage due to the hourly work being cancelled, so we stayed in the mad house, which was a good thing as when the hourly work got cancelled everyone except the people staying at the mad house lost their jobs!! … so we were down to only 5 of us … it was a bit weird saying goodbye to everyone, knowing that we still had jobs etc … but shit happens and we were the lucky ones I suppose … couldn’t have been to do with us all staying at the bosses house who kept our jobs, hmmmm!

Anyway, I’ll post more about the goings on in Denmark in another post soon.

Next year our plan is to try and get some savings behind us, so that we can start to get a nest egg together ready for buying some land because although we really like travelling to different places to work in different jobs and meeting different people, we do want to settle down within the next 3-4 years.

I like this time of year as it enables me to look back over the year and see what we have done, think about how things could have turned out if we hadn’t made certain decisions etc …. and right now it’s really good knowing that we are now gaining some land-based skills which we can hopefully use in the future no matter where we are or what country we are in, and it’s also reassuring to know that we can work outside and still have a decent standard of living.

The standard is probably far lower than what most people expect, but then we’ve come to realise we don’t need all the security of a 9-5 job and house etc that most people think they need and we thought we needed at one point in our lives!

At the end of the day we have internet access, a car, cloths, a roof over our head and food in our bellies … what more could we need? … and thats the point I think … what do we need??

From our previous experiences we’ve both realised what we do and don’t need to have and what we think is a decent standard of living, and by realising this we can live a way that allows us to feel more free and confident in ourselves and the future.

We both know that by gaining land-based skills we are gaining skills that we can use anywhere, and that we can use working for someone else or working for ourselves on our own land as we have always wanted to and most importantly, what needs to be done, not just for us but for the planet … any job that isn’t respecting the land we live on isn’t sustainable and ultimately shouldn’t exist!

Anyway, thats enough of that for now, I’m going to put a few posts up over the next week or so about what we did in Denmark etc, just so we’ve got a little diary as such of what we did over there … don’t know why we didn’t update the blog more often out there as we had decent internet access in the mad house, maybe all the smoking and drinking had something to do with it, haha!!


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