Christmas Trees everywhere!!

Well, its been 3 weeks since we landed in Denmark, and what a 3 weeks it has been.

We landed on our feet pretty much when we got here as we got accommadation in a nice cottage near the sea straight away, so it meant we could get straight into the work.

The work is really hard, until you get used to it, although it hat has taken me a couple of weeks though.  And it doesnt help when it is pissing down with rain and really cold either, which it has been for nearly 2 weeks of the 3 we have been here!!

Anyway, the work is better than I expected, although im not sure what I was expecting, but its definately easier once you know what you are doing, haha!

Basically I use a 3 metre pole with scissors on the end and reach up to 5 or 6 metre christmas trees and cut off the nice looking branches, so imagine little old me standing at the bottom of these massive trees holding my arms up in the air with a 3 metre metal pole in my hand trying to cut the brances off … its hard on the shoulders and arms to begin with, then just as you start to get used to it, you hands cramp up at the end of each day due to holding the pole too long, or you get a nice pine needle stuck in you skin without knowing and it starts to get nice and gooey and infectious, mmmm nice!

But once you get over the usual shit from working outdoors its quite a kool job, although I dont think ill be coming back again next year to do it, unless we really need the money.  Which is alright if you get on with the work and put the effort in, but if you cant be bothered and mess around youll be lucky to earn 15 quid a day.  At the moment I think we are averaging about 55 or 60 a day, which is fine with us, but if we wanted to go for it we could definately earn more each day.  But Im happy with that, and well hopefully be going onto hourly pay in a few weeks so that will be really good.

We initially thought we had contracts for work until Nov 25th, but ours got extended because weve be doing a good job and now we can work until Dec 15th, which is good as it means we should get about 2 to 3 weeks of hourly work which will definately bump our money up!

Theres a good bunch of people here, some English as always, some Spanish too, some Germans, some Italians, and a few others I cant remember.  There were about 24 people to begin with but now after 3 weeks there are only about 15 left I think.  Most have gone because they couldnt hack the work or earn enough money, which is daft simply because they just didnt give it a proper go, but anyway, everyones different!

Were staying in a shared house at the moment, which the boss we work for owns and rents out to the workers …. but it is quite high rent, and although the bills are included its a bit manic at times as everyone comes round to get wasted as they know its the bosses house so treat it a bit like a doss house, haha! …. anyway, it can get hard at times to excuse yourself if you want some alone time, passing up the free beer or biftas!

Anyway, me and Christina have decided to move back to the little cottage near the sea this weekend.  Its about 40 minutes drive to the bosses each morning for work, but it is well worth it, some privacy and some nice walks in the evenings and weekends as the sea is only 10 minutes away at the most.  Plus well be so far from most people that noone will come round and disturb us .. hopefully, haha!

Not got any pictures to upload as yet as I cant find the phone cable to upload them with, but some of the scenery here in Denmark is stunning at the moment as the leaves on all the trees are turning different colours and it really makes the landscape look stunning!

We dont get to use the net alot here, infact this is only the 3rd time in 3 weeks that Ive managed to get on it, its because we leave the house for work at 7am and dont get back until about 5pm, by which time everything is shut!!

There is free internet access in the libraries here, but they shut at 4pm, so we definately cant get to them before we finish work, well unless we finish early or have a day off, which is normally Sunday and everything is closed anyway, siiiiiigh!

Luckily one of the guys staying at the house we are in at the moment brought a laptop with him and I am using that at the moment, its just a shame that he is an Arsenal fan, as he doesnt shut up about the footy the stoopid gooner scum, hehe!

Oh yeah, just incase anyone wonders why the puntuatio and stuff is shit on this entry, its because I am using a portugese keyboard and I cant work out how to turn it all back on, haha

Right, thats that for now, Im off to try and open a bank account today, as we havent been able to get a day off in 3 weeks to go and do it.


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