Ive no longer got the Herb Field job!

Man oh man, what a week it’s been …. the week started off great, Monday was the beginning of the last week of Apple picking as we didn’t finish it all last week, so that was good, another week money earning, but then when I got home on Monday Christina broke the news to me that the current Herb Field manager had changed her mind about leaving at was now staying therefore meaning that I no longer had the job!

To say I was gutted would be an understatement.  At first I was quite angry especially as I had already started making plans about what I was going to do in the Herb Field next season, and had also thought about a few courses I would like to do whilst here and the books I was going to buy to aid my learning on the course and for the work I would be doing in the Herb Field.

It was a good job I didn’t go and talk to the lady nor her come to talk to me really because I think some nasty words might have been exchanged that we both probably wouldn’t really mean, but that would come out in the heat of the moment.

So I stewed on it over night and when I awoke on Tuesday morning I had my philosophical head on and thought that it was obviously not meant to be at the moment, and that the current Herb Field manager was supposed to stay here for now and that maybe I would get another opportunity some day … if I still wanted it enough!

I am still quite gutted at not having the opportunity, but I understand that things can change when you least expect them to and in ways you least expect them too as well.  It’s good to be able to keep an open mind with regards to the future and never have anything set in stone in your mind because you open yourself to alot of turmoil and disillusionment, so I firmly believe in going with the flow and just doing what feels right at any given moment.

So … with that in mind me and Christina have now decided to go to Denmark and harvest Christmas trees … and we are leaving this weekend!!

We found out through a guy at the Apple Orchard that there was work in Denmark but never gave it too much thought as we thought we would be here at the Herb Field, but we realised that it would be a great opportunity and experience so it is worth the last minute rush and mayhem that is occurring right now.

We’re leaving on Sunday and should be coming back at the end of November unless some more work over there appears.  But we’re taking everything in the caravan into our storage incase we don’t come back and if we do come back then we should be able to stay in the caravan over winter as we had originally planned anyway.

We’re just about making it Denmark with enough money to last until the first pay day … we’re just hoping that we don’t bugger things up completely and end up not earning any money at all … but we’re letting things flow again and seeing what happens with an open mind and what will be will be.

As long as we come back from Denmark with the same amount of money as we are leaving with then it can all be put down to experience and we can just look back at it with a smile on our face … if we end up earning some decent money and come back with a good amount more then we’re leaving with then all the better and we might even be having a week in the sun as a little celebration!!

Anyway thats about that in the Herb field for now .. it’s been an amazing 5-6 months really, we’ve both learned so much and it’s really been an eye opener, and we’re leaving with so much more than just knowledge of what the Herbs can and do do for us and the planet.  We’ve met some really amazing people and made some good friends hopefully.  Even if we never see any body we have met again, we both think that it has been an amazing part of our life being here and something we’ll never forget!!

We both definitely feel that being here has finally made us realise that working on the land and with the land is really what we want … and working with Herbs has given us the opportunity to think about another aspect of it that we hadn’t considered before.

So, Apple picking has finally finished, this week went really really quickly, what with the goings on all around us, and here I am sat here amongst boxes of stuff packing to go to Denmark … It was a little bit sad leaving the Apple Orchard as I had got into a nice routine of going in everyday and working at something I was really enjoying and also enjoying the company and conversations with the people I met there … but all good things come to an end as the saying goes, but then something else good has come up and I’m off on another adventure now…

Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to use the internet in Denmark inbetween harvesting Christmas tree’s and I’ll be able to keep this online diary going.

Anyway, here’s some pics from the last week of working at the Orchard … oh yeah, I got to harvest some squash this week to, which was good fun as they were all funny looking and odd shapes, and we also transplanted some Strawberry runners into new beds, oh, and did some weeding to .. boooo! ;o)

Little Squashes
Little Squashes
Butterfly and Fly Special Moment
Butterfly and Fly Special Moment
Strawberry Transplanting
Strawberry Transplanting


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