I got the Herb Field job – wooooooooo

Atlast, at fracking last!!! ….  Finally I have had a chat with the owner of the herb field and he has agreed to take me on as the herb field manager for next season, wooooo!

I’ve been a little off colour the last few weeks, a little tense and miserable I think too, only because I really wanted this job, and now finally I have been offered it and it’s great!  It’s not like me to allow myself to so effected by the outcome of something as I normally just let things flow and I take the view that whatever happens, happens for a reason and just go with the outcome no matter what it is, but this meant alot to me as it’s my first opportunity to work outdoors and really begin moving down the path I have wanted to for years!

I’ve wanted something like this for a long time now, but I’ve not really pushed myself to go and get qualified or atleast get some experience to help me get a job like this.  Mainly out of laziness I think, but also because I didn’t put myself into a situation where I could.  Working in an office wasn’t really the best surroundings or best motivation to go and get qualified in something in Horticulture, so coming to volunteer here was the first step without a doubt and has forced me to focus on what I should really be doing.

I’m looking at a few Horticulture qualifications that I might be able to do whilst I am here too, something like an NVQ or similar I think, something anyway that I can use the experience I will be gaining direct from the field to fulfill the course work, we’ll see.

Anyway, away from the herb field the Apple picking is going on for another week probably, because it’s been a bit too cold and the Apples haven’t all ripened yet, so this week might not be the last week yet, but we’ll see how the weather goes because a day or 2 of sunshine and they could all ripen!

I was able to watch my first game of footy this season on TV last week, which was GREAT! .. normally I’ve been watching it on the net in the office, but United were on ITV this week so that was really good.  i’ve missed watching footy on the TV, it’s not the same on a PC screen!

Little Kittens
Little Kittens

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