Summer has nearly gone

The week started off really nice, sunny weather all day Monday and yesterday infact, although it was cloudy for most of the afternoon yesterday.  But today it’s been raining again for most of the day, not nice Apple picking weather at all, and it has been quite cold all day too, cold wet Apples, nice!

The Autumn Equinox is on Monday 21st, officially around 15:44pm I think it is, which means Summer is officially over within 5 days, pants!

We’ve been picking mostly Cox Apples this week, and because of the nice ‘ish’ weather theres been an abundance of bugs on the fruit, Earwigs seem to like living in amongst the Apples aswell as Ladybugs too…

Ladybirds chilling
Ladybirds chilling

No official news from the herb field as yet about us managing this place, but we did have dinner with the owner last night and I did mention that if the opportunity was available than I would definately be interested in managing this place, but I didn’t want to have a proper conversation as I didn’t feel it right with everyone else there too.

I’ll see if I can catch hold of him sometime this week as I need to have a chat with him soon as the current manager is off on holiday for a week this weekend and then she is officially handing her notice in next week ready to leave at the end of October, so I’d only have a month to learn various things from her.  So things will hopefully become a bit more clearer by the end of this week, fingers crossed anyway!


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