First week of Apple picking been and gone

So my first week of Apple picking has been and gone, and it was nothing like as hard as I thought it would be.  I had memories of when we picked kiwi’s in New Zealand flashing through my head and thought that Apple picking would be similar if not harder because Apples are bigger!

But after picking for 5 days I can honestly say that its not been hard at all, infact it’s been piss easy.  But then like I thought earlier in the week, I think it’s been easy because I’ve worked so damn hard here at the herb field at times, and this has conditioned my body into being able to work hard all day and now it is used to it.

My back did ache a little for the first 2 days of this week, but after that it’s been fine and I’ve found myself picking quite fast just to see how much I could do in a certain amount of time.  And I think that I could do quite well if I could get piece rate pay for doing it.

And thinking about piece rate, I’ve just got a contact for an orchard I think offers piece rate, so I am going to get in touch with them this weekend and see if they want any more harvesters, although they are just over 40 miles away, so it’s a bit far to drive, but the money I could make would more than make up for it.  I might as well give it a go anyway, atleast I should be able to make the same money I am getting paid at the current orchard I am at!

Anyway I’ve been picking Coxes Apples over the last couple of days which has been kool as we’ve had to strip the whole tree of all fruit so it’s been easier than just selecting the bigger Apples of the other trees.  I also harvested some Raspberries this afternoon which was a great way to finish off the week.

Apple Bin
Apple Bin
Apple tree and ladder
Apple tree and ladder
Autumn Raspberries
Autumn Raspberries

I’ve actually missed been at the herb field and not being around the herbs all day.  Not sure why, but perhaps it’s because I’ve been around them all day everyday pretty much for the last 4 months.  I just hope I get the opportunity to manage this place when the current manager leaves.  Oh yeah!  She is definately leaving now, which is kind of good news.  I say kind of because the owner might have someone in mind already to replace her, without even talking to us yet!!

But I’m not too concerned just yet as he hasn’t had the chance to talk to us yet about it, so hopefully when we get to speak to him next week, he’ll see that we do really want to do it and can actually do it too, and will then choose us, fingers crossed anyway!!


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