Apple and Plum picking in the sun, bliss!

Today was lovely and sunny for most of the day, which was great for picking Apples in!

I thought we were going to continue on picking the Bramley Apples today, but when I got to the farm me and another fella Sam were told to go pick some Apples called Lord Lamborns … well, I think that was there name anyway!

Lord Lambourne Apples
Lord Lambourne Apples

They had a bit of an oily skin to them, not sure why, but hey.  I didn’t like the taste too much, they were a little sweet, but also had a bit if a tang to them, anyway I didn’t like the taste of em!

Then this afternoon we picked Plums, which was great, it wasn’t too difficult either which was nice.  The only thing about them was that you had to duck under the trees to get to the Plums, and then stand up in amongst the tree branches to pick them, which wasn’t that hard but a little precarious at times as I kept banging my head on the branches, heh!

Plums on the Tree
Plums on the Tree
Plums I Picked
Plums I Picked

I was a little tired today after I had finished, not sure why because it wasn’t that taxing, infact it was just as laid back as the last couple of days, ohwell, and my shoulders didn’t hurt so much today either from the rubbing of the bags, guess my body can adapt quite quickly!

Anyway, it was nice to be working in the Sun again, and I made the most of it as it’s forcast to rain again tomorrow, oh joy!

Pay day tomorrow, wooo, although nothing to get that excited about as I’m only on minimum wage, so it won’t be alot, but hey money is money and as we have very little outgoings at the moment this money will come in handy, and allow us to continue volunteering at the herb field for another few months.

Hopefully I can get about 4-5 weeks worth of work out of the Apple picking and then we should be good for 2-3 months more for money which should see us through to either manager here at the herb field fulltime or atleast allows us enough time to find something else outside to earn money from!


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