Apple picking in the rain

As forcasted the rain came this morning, well early this morning.  It absolutely poured down, and then stopped around 8am which was good as I left for the orchard at that time!

It then proceeded to shower on and off all day, which made it a little tricky picking the Apples.  I was picking Bramley Apples again today.  Today seemed to go quite quickly again, maybe because I had my walkman with me and was listening to the radio for most of the day, heh!

My back ached a littled today, which I suppose is to be expected considering it’s only my 2nd day, it ached most when I had a half bag full of Apples and had to lean into the tree to pick some more, no matter how many times I tried to remind myself to get the Apples right inside the tree first, I never did!

I think I picked about 2.5 bins again today which doesn’t actually count for anything, but I want to aim for that amount each day and then I know I’m not being a slacker, heh!

The forcast is for sunshine tomorrow which will be nice, but then back to the rain for Thurs and Fri, boooo!


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