First time harvesting Apples!

Off I went at 8am this morning to harvest Apples, all thinking that it would be really hard work and that I would be knackered at the end of the day.  Come lunch time I couldn’t have been further from the truth, it was so laid back, and easy if I’m honest.  Maybe it was because I have been working my nuts of here at the herb field, or that I have lots of harvesting experience, but it seemed really easy anyway!

We were harvesting Bramley Apples today, and some of them were absolutely massive…

Big Bramley Apple
Big Bramley Apple
Massive Bramley Apple
Massive Bramley Apple

It really didn’t take long to fill up the harvest bag I was using, although at first I thought I was going a little slow I then realised by lunch time that I was as fast as everyone else, and as thorough at getting all the big Apples too, which was good, although we are getting paid minimum wage so it doesn’t pay to pick too fast, I’m still happy to go at a decent pace.

Apple Harvesting Bag
Apple Harvesting Bag

Apparently the orchard grows about 32 different varieties of Apple and also some heritage varieties, which are not for sale but just being grown to ensure the variety stays around!

They also sell nearly all of the Apples through local markets and not through supermarkets, which is great too!

By the end of the day I wasn’t tired at all, the only thing was that where the harvest bag had been sat over my shoulders it had started to rub and was a little sore, but I suppose this will got with time.  Other than that it was a really enjoyable day.

When I got back to the herb field, it had been a nice day here too, and Christina had been harvesting all day, she had harvested some Rosemary, Elderberries and Calendula.

It’s forecasted to pour down tomorrow, so I’m not looking forward to it, apparently we only work for a while in the rain and if it gets too bad we stop as it gets too muddy under the trees, ohwell, we’ll see.


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