Relaxing weekend again

So my last week at the herb field for a while has been and gone, and tomorrow I am starting at the Apple Orchard, which is exciting and not at the same time.  I would rather still be working here if I am honest, but we need the money right now so I know it’s going to do good, and I’ver never harvested Apples before so it will be a good experience!

Didn’t leave the caravan yesterday which was nice, just had a nice relaxing day reading and surfing the net, oh and we were Kitten sitting for Anna as her cat Martha has had 3 Kittens and she has gone away this weekend so we are looking after them for her which is really kool as they are so funny and cute!

Today (Sunday) we drove to the orchard I will be working at just so that I know where it is tomorrow, and then when we got back I changed the oil and filter on the car and put in a new headlight bulb as it went on the way home from Devon the other night!  Christina was weeding the little patch of garden outside our van for the most of today, and baking some flapjacks … oh yeah, and I made some home made beef burgers which were grrrreat!


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