Pouring with rain yet again

Yet another day of it pouring down with rain, except today was worse then it has ever been this season.  It was high winds aswell as hard rain which made it seem worse.  Apparently there has been alot of localised flooding in the area, not good at all.

So we continued with the sign painting today and ate chocolate biscuits too! … I think Anna checked the herb field diary and we all realised that it’s been raining pretty much for the last 5 weeks, with only about 4-5 days of sunshine amongst it all …. not good at all!

Anna is still waiting to hear if she can go on the course she wants to, so no more news on that front, but Christina did get talking to the new operations manager in the office this afternoon and she mentioned that there could be a role for Christina in the office, which would be interesting as although Christina wouldn’t really want to work in an office, working here would be different and if she did do it and I got to manage the herb field it would mean we would have a decent amount of income coming in which we could save each month … so, lots of good things to be thinking about … and taking our minds of the crappy weather!


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